Hear Her Sports Glenville is a neighborhood stories project sharing the power of sports for girls, women, and communities and is a creation by local Cleveland artist Elizabeth Emery who was invited to participate in this summer’s Front International.

100 girls and women who grew up, live or work in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood tell their stories about sports, religion, history, and hope for our city and, in particular, Glenville.

Participants include ladies 8-95 years old, Glenville Panthers cheer champions, seniors at Glenville Recreation Center, a boxing National Champion, Boys & Girls Club basketball players, a Zumba instructor, and so much more.

These conversations have a backdrop of current political and social unrest and Cleveland’s own decline and development. Women speak up, tell their stores and reveal ways they have broken boundaries in their lives.

Elizabeth Emery is a sculptor whose work is about breaking boundaries and the tension of that containment. She also hosts and produces the podcast Hear Her Sports, where female athletes share secrets and discuss the amazing power of speaking up and living with the confidence that participation in sports has given them. 


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An enormous thank you to YWCA for supporting sporty women and girls in Glenville.